Wednesday, 10 November 2010

sooooo OOTD returns !

OK ..... I always told myself i wasn't going to post any outfits of the day on this new blog . I just wanted this blog to be all my girlie passions but having had a little pep talk with my girlie's they have convinced me that i am beautiful , have great style sense and who cares if i carry extra weight i can sometimes dress better than the skinnys !

Im a sucker for this Xmas tree i love it!!!!!! This Xmas tree resides in the St Davids Centre Cardiff. I want to take it home with me ,do u think it will fit in my pocket ? he he !! anyways on to the outfit.

Lace skater dress - Evans / style369  £35
Black leggings - Asos Curve £5 (sale)
Black boots - black short classics Ugg £150 - Asos
Skull necklace - Evans / Daisy and Eve £10

Hope you guys like the outfit .. the Xmas tree and i will return soon , I envisage a 6 week outfit relationship with this tree ;-)


  1. Welcome back & you are looking amazing! Keep the outfits coming!!! You were one of the first blogs I ever read. X

  2. Thanks very much that means alot xxx

  3. Love the look :) and I agree, it doesn't matter about the weight. It's all about putting together outfits and feeling beautiful. And you do look beautiful! Enjoyed your blog!

  4. i really want that dress its totally cute. i just dont like the prices in evans why should you have to pay more for plus sizes.