Wednesday, 24 November 2010

OOTD - Evans Cream lace skater dress

Peach lace skater dress - Evans- £35 - size 22/24
Grey leggings - Evans - £10 - size 24
Grey Booties (circ 2008) - Evans - £25 - size 8w
Grey Studded Belt - Evans - £8 - size m/l
Grey Studded handbag - Primark - £9
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood - £85

Ive chucked a random me picture of the face in , just because i like my hair in this picture!

I'm wearing cream ..yes CREAM . I never wear cream . I'm definitely out of my comfort zone here. I'm a typical fat girl . I try to hide in darker colours , slimming colours . Today i decided to be brave and wear a light colour and you know what .. I think i frigging rocked cream . I might be brave again soon and embrace lighter colours into my life ;-)...Watch this space !


  1. i know what you mean i feel exactly the same i never wear light shades like white or cream you look great :)

  2. You absolutely stunning! I love how you created this outfit, can I buy it off you lol ;D


  3. Aww thanks for your kind comments xxx

  4. The lace dress looks very pretty on you. I like the cream and grey combination!

  5. that dress looks really lovely on you! the pictures are cute too. i was after this for ages but you can't get it now :( i'll just have to ebay it :P haha xx

  6. This is superb! Easily my favourite outfit of yours, it's just so pretty and feminine :)

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  7. You look so great in cream-- and I love how you paired it with grey. It looks fab on you (in fact, I thought, "Can I get away with wearing that?")