Saturday, 20 November 2010

OOTD - Evans from head to toe with a hint of Pauls Boutique !

Take a few Evans items , mix them together , chuck in a obligatory Paul's Boutique bag and whadda ya get !

heres what you get !...a headless ootd

Black Coat - Evans - £55.99 Size 26
Cream top - Evans - £16.00 - size 22/24
Black leggings - Evans - £10 size 24r
Biker Boots - Evans - £64.99 size 8

I want to talk a little about these boots. I have a lot of love for theses boots , so much love , i actually bought them in black too ;-) ( i will show you the black pair in another post ).

I wanted a pair of brogues , i could never find a pair i fell in love with , I wanted biker boots , couldn't find a pair that fit me comfortably in the width. UNTIL Evans released these bad boys! I find them a cross between brogues and biker boots I've found my happy medium ;-)

These boots are extremely well made, i also think they are a timeless fashion piece. They give my feet lots of support .  I have a very painfull foot condition in my left foot that i will have to have a operation on (boohoo) and I'm counting on these boots to be my recovery boots ;-) Plenty of room for my support piece .

My favourite feature of these boots .. the side zip! i cant leave them tied up and slip them on and off! 


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