Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and a little catch up aka moan !

Turkey picture courtesy of my 5yr old

Happy Thanks Giving to all my American readers i hope you have a lovely day xx

In other news ........

I am sick. I have Flu. I have never been so ill EVER its not a exaggeration honest!. I wont be able to shoot any out fits for you atm till I'm better which will be in a week or so . I am so ill that Ive had to cancel my holiday ;-( .12 of us girls were booked to go on a adult weekend to Bultins , on the Saturday night there was a peter Andre concert ;-( I am GUTTED to be missing out on this date with Peter and a child free weekend . I even had to abandon my trip to the opening of the 5th biggest Primark in the UK in my home town , i waited in the giant Que at 8.30am and within the hour i was tucked up in bed i nearly passed out! People say they know when they are truly ill as they stop eating , well i know I'm truly ill when i stop shopping !

Congratulations if you stuck with me through this moan!  thanks for reading 


  1. sorry to hear you are unwell i'm feeling the same at the moment its that time of year i guess feel better soon :)

  2. you didn't look too hot yesterday, thanks for coughing on me in town though haha x