Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lush Gingerbread House tin...

This is just a quick little post to show you a pressie i had for xmas its lovely a fabby little gingerbread tin from lush! Its smells delightful and i cannot wait to get stuck into it .It was filled with colourful bits but i had to remove them in case the baby got hold of the tin and choked on them .the joys of children!

Things might go a bit quiet on the old blogging front for a while as i have a few very busy weeks coming up which will leave me little time for blogging in the next few weeks so bear with me normal posting will resume in a few weeks xxxxx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas 2010 .......

Merry Xmas to all my readers xx. Id thought id share my white xmas with you all ;-) . The first two pictures were taken when it just start snow . since thoose pictures it snowed constantly for 5 hours ;-( its really bad here. The local town centre shut down and the supermarkets also the motorway was shut and many other roads in out town . I live in a welsh valley its very hilly and you can imagine whats thats like ! the streets are never gritted every road in my home town was gridlocked for hours ! ..... The last picture is me and my girls ! (the baby was asleep in the pushchair) and we wish you all a merry xmas !!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Want of the week - Yours Clothing Blouse

 I love this blouse and for £22.00 its a steal!!  . I would team this with skinny Jeans Knee high boots and a big fluffy coat ! xx ..Santaaaaaaaaa !

Friday, 3 December 2010

Baby its COLD outside !!!

Black coat --- Evans --- £59.50
Black leggings--- Evans --- £10
Black Military Tunic--- Evans --- £35.00
Sand/chestnut boots--- Ugg Australia --- £150
Panda hat --- River Island --- £12.99
Bag --- Paul's Boutique --- £64.99

How cold is it ???  FOOKING FREEZING i tell you . We may not have much snow but we are experiencing the coldest temperatures that are sweeping the country.Its so cold i couldn't even take my coat off to show you my lovely new shirt!!

In my attempt to show you my new shirt , i have been kindly informed by my darling friends that i have the art of being a flasher down to a tee!! Ha ha , funny, not ! but it was the only way to show you my shirt !. I love this shirt sooo much that i bought it in the purple berry colour too ;-)

In other news .... I have lost ONE STONE ! wwoohhoooo I'm so chuffed. I cant see it yet , I'm sure it will show on the next stone down. I'm following slimming world plan and cutting out the crap . I have also pledged to give up BOOZE & CHOCOLATE for December , yes you heard me right , no I'm not crazy , I'm just testing out my willpower ;-)