Tuesday, 16 November 2010

OOTD xmas bow jumper from new look

Black studded bow jumper - new look - £7 (sale bargain) size 24
Black skinny jeans - Evans - £20 - size 24
Black short classics uggs - Ugg Australia - £150 - size8 / w10
Handbag - Paul's Boutique Jenni fur bag - Bank - £ 64.99

Really sorry about the poor quality pictures they were taken on my iphone , I'm snapping my outfit pictures on the go as the lighting is really poor in my house atm ..god dam winter lighting!

This is one of my everyday outfits. I wore this today while shopping in Cardiff. Nandos , Starbucks and shopping and the best bit.... I was child free !!so ... No buggy rage! . I cant even explain why i have buggy rage! (you idiot shoppers who step out in front of buggies when browsing not looking where your going) urrghh i feel the rage all ready..anyways hope you like the outfit ;-)

I will have a small haul of items to show you soon only a few bits and bobs as im trying to save failing miserably for my holiday next week!

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