Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lush Gingerbread House tin...

This is just a quick little post to show you a pressie i had for xmas its lovely a fabby little gingerbread tin from lush! Its smells delightful and i cannot wait to get stuck into it .It was filled with colourful bits but i had to remove them in case the baby got hold of the tin and choked on them .the joys of children!

Things might go a bit quiet on the old blogging front for a while as i have a few very busy weeks coming up which will leave me little time for blogging in the next few weeks so bear with me normal posting will resume in a few weeks xxxxx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas 2010 .......

Merry Xmas to all my readers xx. Id thought id share my white xmas with you all ;-) . The first two pictures were taken when it just start snow . since thoose pictures it snowed constantly for 5 hours ;-( its really bad here. The local town centre shut down and the supermarkets also the motorway was shut and many other roads in out town . I live in a welsh valley its very hilly and you can imagine whats thats like ! the streets are never gritted every road in my home town was gridlocked for hours ! ..... The last picture is me and my girls ! (the baby was asleep in the pushchair) and we wish you all a merry xmas !!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Want of the week - Yours Clothing Blouse

 I love this blouse and for £22.00 its a steal!!  . I would team this with skinny Jeans Knee high boots and a big fluffy coat ! xx ..Santaaaaaaaaa !

Friday, 3 December 2010

Baby its COLD outside !!!

Black coat --- Evans --- £59.50
Black leggings--- Evans --- £10
Black Military Tunic--- Evans --- £35.00
Sand/chestnut boots--- Ugg Australia --- £150
Panda hat --- River Island --- £12.99
Bag --- Paul's Boutique --- £64.99

How cold is it ???  FOOKING FREEZING i tell you . We may not have much snow but we are experiencing the coldest temperatures that are sweeping the country.Its so cold i couldn't even take my coat off to show you my lovely new shirt!!

In my attempt to show you my new shirt , i have been kindly informed by my darling friends that i have the art of being a flasher down to a tee!! Ha ha , funny, not ! but it was the only way to show you my shirt !. I love this shirt sooo much that i bought it in the purple berry colour too ;-)

In other news .... I have lost ONE STONE ! wwoohhoooo I'm so chuffed. I cant see it yet , I'm sure it will show on the next stone down. I'm following slimming world plan and cutting out the crap . I have also pledged to give up BOOZE & CHOCOLATE for December , yes you heard me right , no I'm not crazy , I'm just testing out my willpower ;-)

Friday, 26 November 2010

Whats in my basket this week .

Black leggings
Red brouges
Rose print top
Red belt

All items from Evans

There are so many great bargains out there at the moment  ive had to restrain myself . This is just a few things ive picked up this week x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and a little catch up aka moan !

Turkey picture courtesy of my 5yr old

Happy Thanks Giving to all my American readers i hope you have a lovely day xx

In other news ........

I am sick. I have Flu. I have never been so ill EVER its not a exaggeration honest!. I wont be able to shoot any out fits for you atm till I'm better which will be in a week or so . I am so ill that Ive had to cancel my holiday ;-( .12 of us girls were booked to go on a adult weekend to Bultins , on the Saturday night there was a peter Andre concert ;-( I am GUTTED to be missing out on this date with Peter and a child free weekend . I even had to abandon my trip to the opening of the 5th biggest Primark in the UK in my home town , i waited in the giant Que at 8.30am and within the hour i was tucked up in bed i nearly passed out! People say they know when they are truly ill as they stop eating , well i know I'm truly ill when i stop shopping !

Congratulations if you stuck with me through this moan!  thanks for reading 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

OOTD - Evans Cream lace skater dress

Peach lace skater dress - Evans- £35 - size 22/24
Grey leggings - Evans - £10 - size 24
Grey Booties (circ 2008) - Evans - £25 - size 8w
Grey Studded Belt - Evans - £8 - size m/l
Grey Studded handbag - Primark - £9
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood - £85

Ive chucked a random me picture of the face in , just because i like my hair in this picture!

I'm wearing cream ..yes CREAM . I never wear cream . I'm definitely out of my comfort zone here. I'm a typical fat girl . I try to hide in darker colours , slimming colours . Today i decided to be brave and wear a light colour and you know what .. I think i frigging rocked cream . I might be brave again soon and embrace lighter colours into my life ;-)...Watch this space !

Monday, 22 November 2010

Evans 20% off shoes/boots event .

 Evans have a great offer on the website , as the title suggests Evans are having a 20% off shoes event . 
My fav boots atm are from Evans Ive had these about a month. The other day they popped up on the Evans website in black !  woohoo i thought ill get them and bag 20% off...FAIL they are only available in 4x and 10x  , i need a 8 ;-(  nevermind! .

go check out the sale and get some sexy shoes !

NOTD -Models Owl Blue Moon

New feature on the Blog Nail Of The Day aka NOTD 

Today's notd goes to Models Owl - Blue Moon

Saturday, 20 November 2010

OOTD - Evans from head to toe with a hint of Pauls Boutique !

Take a few Evans items , mix them together , chuck in a obligatory Paul's Boutique bag and whadda ya get !

heres what you get !...a headless ootd

Black Coat - Evans - £55.99 Size 26
Cream top - Evans - £16.00 - size 22/24
Black leggings - Evans - £10 size 24r
Biker Boots - Evans - £64.99 size 8

I want to talk a little about these boots. I have a lot of love for theses boots , so much love , i actually bought them in black too ;-) ( i will show you the black pair in another post ).

I wanted a pair of brogues , i could never find a pair i fell in love with , I wanted biker boots , couldn't find a pair that fit me comfortably in the width. UNTIL Evans released these bad boys! I find them a cross between brogues and biker boots I've found my happy medium ;-)

These boots are extremely well made, i also think they are a timeless fashion piece. They give my feet lots of support .  I have a very painfull foot condition in my left foot that i will have to have a operation on (boohoo) and I'm counting on these boots to be my recovery boots ;-) Plenty of room for my support piece .

My favourite feature of these boots .. the side zip! i cant leave them tied up and slip them on and off! 


Friday, 19 November 2010

Want of the week - Yours Clothing

I have the outfit all planned in my head..... it goes a bit like this

I might add this scarf & bag

What do you think ? 


Thursday, 18 November 2010

River Island Panda Hat

River Island Panda Hat £12.99

sorry for more poor quality iphone pics its just the way i roll atm!

While we are on the subject of silly animal hats, check out this cutie below ,  i REALLY wanted to buy this hat. unfortunately my bank balance would not allow it , this is another moment where i hope Santa reads my blog!! 

Animal hat - River Island - £19.99

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

OOTD - Evans and a river island new fur bag

Brown Tunic - Evans - £29.50 Size 24
Brown Leggings - Evans - £10.00 size 24
Brown Bailey Button Uggs - Ugg Australia (via Treds) £160 size 8 w10
Brown Fur Bag - River Island - £44.99

Firstly, ignore my face , i was having a make-up free day blah! .

I love this tunic its so easy to wear  its really flattering for the larger busted lady!, its really loose fitting and has a tie cord underneath the bust to nip you in . There is one downside it creases like hell !! i can live with that thou!..I havent talked about the bag yet as it deserves a blog post of its own!

xxx Thanks for reading xxxx

Edit - this top is now in the sale!  grab yourself a bargin ;-)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

OOTD xmas bow jumper from new look

Black studded bow jumper - new look - £7 (sale bargain) size 24
Black skinny jeans - Evans - £20 - size 24
Black short classics uggs - Ugg Australia - £150 - size8 / w10
Handbag - Paul's Boutique Jenni fur bag - Bank - £ 64.99

Really sorry about the poor quality pictures they were taken on my iphone , I'm snapping my outfit pictures on the go as the lighting is really poor in my house atm ..god dam winter lighting!

This is one of my everyday outfits. I wore this today while shopping in Cardiff. Nandos , Starbucks and shopping and the best bit.... I was child free !!so ... No buggy rage! . I cant even explain why i have buggy rage! (you idiot shoppers who step out in front of buggies when browsing not looking where your going) urrghh i feel the rage all ready..anyways hope you like the outfit ;-)

I will have a small haul of items to show you soon only a few bits and bobs as im trying to save failing miserably for my holiday next week!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Forever 21 UK launch

I logged on the twitter this evening to be greeted by bloggers tweeting about the latest fashion store to hit our shores all the way from USA  Forever 21. Being a plus sized girl i don't usually get that excited about new fashion shops as i am always sized out ;-(......but wait for it ...... Forever 21 carry plus sizes !!! 

I had a quick browse on the UK site , unfortunately the site crashed on me ;-( so i had a quick gander on the USA site and the below photo is a few things i love and will buy if they become available in the uk , fingers crossed 
I have only heard great things about forever 21 . What I'm hearing is that they are a cross between primark for price and topshop for style , any collaboration of that calibre has my seal of approval!. I am genuinely excited for this store , its really exciting to see more fashion stores stocking plus size lines , embrace your curves !

I cannot wait to visit the Birmingham store in a few weeks time . I hope i wont be disappointed. ;-) . If anyone has been to the Birmingham store please link me to your reviews xxxx

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

sooooo OOTD returns !

OK ..... I always told myself i wasn't going to post any outfits of the day on this new blog . I just wanted this blog to be all my girlie passions but having had a little pep talk with my girlie's they have convinced me that i am beautiful , have great style sense and who cares if i carry extra weight i can sometimes dress better than the skinnys !

Im a sucker for this Xmas tree i love it!!!!!! This Xmas tree resides in the St Davids Centre Cardiff. I want to take it home with me ,do u think it will fit in my pocket ? he he !! anyways on to the outfit.

Lace skater dress - Evans / style369  £35
Black leggings - Asos Curve £5 (sale)
Black boots - black short classics Ugg £150 - Asos
Skull necklace - Evans / Daisy and Eve £10

Hope you guys like the outfit .. the Xmas tree and i will return soon , I envisage a 6 week outfit relationship with this tree ;-)

Monday, 8 November 2010

October 2010 Favourites ....

Welcome to my first favourites post ;-) , I know I'm a bit late but hey ho better late than never!
On to the gems of October ........

1 . Lush Snow Fairy 
This is one of many bottles , this year i am determined not to run out ! This epitomises the smell of Christmas for me , hmmmm ;-)

2. Accessorize nail polish
I actually own four of these little beauties . The application is extremely smooth ,and priced at  £4 they are affordable if your on a budget

3, Urban Decay Naked Palette
seriously guys,  my my words cannot do this palette justice . Its every woman's make up staples.

4..lady gaga lip glass -mac
Why why why why is this limited edition ?? I love this lip glass. I'm going to be soooooo sad when this is no longer available. I will definitely be purchasing a few before the year is up. 

5. Cucumber water (toner) -The Body Shop
I'm going to be doing a review on this soon so i do not want to write too much about this here , its part of my blast from the past post that will be up next week.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A new addition to the family...

I love Paul's Boutique  , when this baby popped up on the website last week it was only going to be a matter of time before it found my arm ... that day has come  Isn't she a beauty !!!

The ''Jennifur'' bag £64.99 is currently sold out on the Paul's Boutique website - I managed to get the last one in Bank -Cardiff . No more words lets just marvel at her beauty !

Friday, 5 November 2010

In a rich (wo)mans world .....

Do you lust over the latest Mac collection? Have you joined the Next queue at 4am?

My hands up!

Shocked I'm not, ashamed i am!

My name is Joanna and I am a shopaholic!

So that's the first step over and done with...phew! Now the hard part begins.

How do i stop my frivolous ways? Answers on a postcard please!

So I'm not going to change over night. I know this.

I need to realise my life is not going to end if I pass on Mac’s Lady Gaga Lip Glass...(I’m not going to tempt fate here though!) .

Seriously, I need to stop wasting my money on so much crap!! Buying so many beauty products/clothes/shoes that don’t get the love and attention they deserve. My sense of style changes so frequently.

I do have a plan though....and here it comes.....Queue the fanfare “duh duh duh duh duh duh DUH”!!

EBAY! The answer to every woman’s dirty secrets.

I'm going to start selling all my unwanted, unloved items. The amount of clothes I have brought home hoping that I will slim down to fit into them is unreal.


I am never going to loose X amount of stones just so that I can wear THAT dress.

The plan is simple. If I want something new I have to sell something old. Use the old trusty rule, one in, one out. This isn't going to be easy and I will probably fail miserably. I do however have a back up plan...


The journey to being more thrifty is a long and winding road and I fully expect to get lost along the way. I am going to keep a track of my spending habits with said diary. The idea being that I can tot up how much I am paying out on these “necessities” and shock myself into not frittering my money away so easily...

Maybe, just maybe there is hope for me yet.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wednesday Wish list ........

Welcome to my first ''Wednesday wish list'' 
Every Wednesday im going to share my want of the week with you lovely bloggerinos! 

I hope that santa reads my blog ;-)